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What We Do

The Centerville-Washington Foundation exists to be a community partner for corporate and individual charitable giving, functioning in the formation and preservation of charitable donations, providing services to donors and non-profit organizations, and serving as a source of funds for community groups.

Our main goal each and every day is to “help people help our community.”

Annual Report

What is the Centerville-Washington Foundation?

Centerville-Washington Foundation is your very own community foundation.

  • We function as a useful and cost-effective partner for corporate and individual charitable giving.
  • We provide services for charitable donors, nonprofit organizations, and the community at large.
  • We structure permanent and temporary funds for charitable donors, offering economies of scale and providing a wealth of knowledge and technical support.
  • We provide a source of funds for nonprofit organizations for both routine and emergency needs.
  • Also, most importantly, we form and preserve charitable capital for the community at large.

Centerville-Washington Foundation’s Family of Funds

A fund is the basic building block of a community foundation. Funds are named for their purposes, for their donors, or as memorials. Most of the funds operate as perpetual endowments, distributing only their net income in the form of grants. Others distribute principal, either at specific times set forth at the fund’s creation or at the suggestion of the fund advisors. Almost any charitable purpose can be served through a fund within the Centerville-Washington Foundation.

The funds have been created by individuals and organizations. They represent the growing history of the Centerville-Washington Foundation, which began in 1998, and exemplify our donors’ commitment to society and to community philanthropy. The funds will continue to be given in the donors’ names for generations to come.

Any individual, organization, or business may make a contribution to these endowment funds. By making a contribution to an existing fund, a donor’s gift will join others for maximum charitable benefit.

Current funds include:

  • The Brad Bucher Elk Pride Never Dies Memorial Fund
  • The Centerville-Washington Foundation Fund provides for cultural enhancement and improvement of life in our community. The Foundation’s leadership ensures fulfillment of the donors' wishes. The fund provides support when public funding is not readily available for these purposes.
  • The Centerville-Washington History Fund helps to collect, preserve and promote the history of Centerville and Washington Township. The initial gift came from C. L. Stingley, a Centerville-Washington Township educator and community leader.
  • The Ditzel Family Foundation Fund will initiate, promote, organize, sponsor, contribute to and generally further charitable, educational, civic, religious and community activities, undertakings and institutions.
  • Jon and Marj Hazelton Fund was inspired by their family’s generosity and belief that nonprofit organizations must have financial support to survive.  Jon Hazelton, a retired banker now in a second career as a senior vice president of Gem Real Estate Group, and Marjorie Hazelton, a retired Centerville City Schools teacher, have been married for more than 40 years.
  • Kelchner Family Foundation Fund advances the charitable interest of the family.  Established by Lisa and Todd Kelchner, the fund serves to support nonprofit organizations that provide opportunities for others to improve their lives through exchange charity and economic development.
  • Mark Andrew Kreusch Memorial Fund  celebrates the memory and spirit of Mark Kreusch, the four-year-old son of Jon and Suzanne Kreusch, whose life was taken unexpectedly in 2007.  The fund will enrich the lives of children by investing in programs, facilities and services that help children grow, learn and play in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Thomas E. and Nancy L. Russell Family Fund will initiate, promote, organize, sponsor, contribute to and generally further charitable, educational, civic, religious and community activities, undertakings and institutions.
  • Washington-Centerville Public Library Fund supports the needs and projects of Washington-Centerville Public Library as determined by the Board of Trustees for the Library.
  • Dorothy R. Yeck Endowment for the Arts at Woodbourne Library helps position Woodbourne Library as a focal point within the community while encouraging support for, and enjoyment of, the arts by offering enriched experiences for Library patrons. The endowment generates annual revenue which is used to fund arts-related events, celebrations, and projects.
  • Dottie Yeck Good Life Award Endowment Fund sponsors the annual Dottie Yeck Good Life Award writing competition for youth enrolled in a 7th through 9th grade curriculum who live or attend school in Montgomery County and who exemplify the qualities of Dottie Yeck’s philosophy: Being Good + Doing Good = Having Fun + Being Happy. The prize is $3,000 to the GLA Winner with additional awards granted to the winning classroom and up to four runners up.
  • The Dottie Yeck Children’s Fund for Arts Experiences provides annual income to St. George’s Episcopal Church for its use in developing and executing activities relating to the arts, known as “Dottie Yeck Arts Experiences.”

Centerville-Washington Foundation Charter Members

Charter members of the Foundation are a special group of people and organizations who have contributed or made in-kind contributions in excess of $1,000 between the Foundation’s founding and its 10th anniversary in 2008.

Sally* and John* Beals
Mr. Dale M. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Blessing
Mr. and Mrs. H. David Blum
Mr. and Mrs. Randall M. Borgert
Buckingham Capital Management Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Budi
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Carr, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cline
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks A. Compton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Daley
Dayton Open
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Downs
Mr. and Mrs. Jon G. Hazelton
Mr. and Mrs. Paul* W. Heintz (Shirley*)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Labbe
Lebanon Citizens National Bank
Ms. Margaret L. Marks
Mayor Beals Contingency Account
Nike Dayton Open Golf Tournament
Oak Hill Banks
PGA Tour Charities
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Ponitz (Doris*)
Regent Systems, Inc.
Schlegel Creative Resources
Mr. Frederick C. Smith *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Smith
The Job Center
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Tyson
Warren County Foundation Depository
WestBanco Bank, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Winwood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert* A. Yeck
Mr. and Mrs. William* S. Yeck (Dorothy)*
Yeck Brothers Company
Mr. and Mrs. David Yohannan
Ms. Joyce C. Young*

* Deceased

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