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The primary mission of the Centerville-Washington Foundation is to support local non-profit organizations for a wide array of charitable purposes in the areas of education, poverty, environment, arts, health and social services. We accomplish this by receiving generous donations from individual contributors, corporate sponsors and legacy donors who desire to make a positive impact in our community.







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August 4, 2020
Centerville-Washington History Community Support Grant Recipient

Congratulations to Centerville-Washington History for receiving a $2,500 Community Support Grant from The Centerville-Washington Foundation! The grant was awarded in April 2020 for the Museum Lighting Project. The mission of Centerville-Washington History is "to connect the community to its heritage by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and promoting the history of our local area." If you are […]

July 29, 2020
SICSA Community Support Grant Recipient

Congratulations to the SICSA organization for receiving a $1,500 Community Support Grant from The Centerville-Washington Foundation! The grant was awarded in April 2020 and will be used by SICSA for their Centerville Community Cats Program. SICSA was founded in 1974. The name SICSA is an acronym for the Society for the Improvement of Conditions for […]

July 28, 2020
"Harvey's Bench"

The Rev. Harvey B. Smith was recently honored last September by the Centerville-Washington Foundation for a lifetime of service to the Centerville and Washington Township communities. Harvey served on the Park District Board for 23 years. That's amazing dedication to the community! As you are out for a walk, stop and rest awhile on "Harvey's […]

July 16, 2020
$5000 Community Impact Grant given in response to COVID-19.

The Centerville-Washington Foundation gave a $5,000 Community Impact Grant to Shoes 4 The Shoeless (Food For The People) to support the needs of senior citizens and those struggling with mental illness during this Global Pandemic. "Boxes of Hope" were packed and given to those experiencing great need during this period of the coronavirus. A heartfelt […]

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About the Centerville-Washington Foundation

The word “community” implies fellowship and sharing. A “community foundation” is a tax-exempt public charity built on the concept of people helping people to improve the quality of life in a particular geographic area. More than 700 community foundations nationwide serve their individual regions. 

Individuals, through gifts and bequests, establish permanent endowment funds and other types of funds with their community foundation to help respond to emerging community issues and opportunities.
Established in 1998, the Foundation offers you the opportunity to improve the quality of life in the Centerville-Washington Township community.

Designed for permanence and the benefit of the Centerville-Washington Township area, the Foundation is the vehicle for caring people who want to support local charities, scholarships and community change, not just today but long past their lifetimes.

The Centerville-Washington Foundation is a way to help yourself as you help your community.

Your needs and opportunities are uniquely yours.
No two people have exactly the same charitable interests or same financial situation.

We understand the spectrum of people we serve. Some have modest means, while others have substantially more. Some wish to direct precisely which charities will benefit, yet others want the Foundation to decide, based on the community’s changing needs. Some need to earn income from the assets they wish to donate to charities, and others do not.

The Centerville-Washington Foundation understands your needs and will work to find exactly the right methods for you.
Our foundation is a component of The Dayton Foundation, which serves the Greater Miami Valley area. Our unique team approach allows the Centerville-Washington community to benefit from local leadership and profit from resources pooled with others in the area for investment growth. All this translates into additional donor services and expertise for you.

Partnership with the Dayton Foundation

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