Community Impact Grant

This grant will award $10,000 to one organization that best demonstrates a unique initiative to serve and improve the Centerville-Washington Township community. Criteria includes:

-Aimed for nonprofits or government agencies with an area of focus serving the Centerville-Washington Township area.
-Organization should have existed for at least two, preferably three years.
-Funds can support capital equipment, a new or expanded program.
-Collaboration with other community organizations is a plus.
-Project receiving funds should be able to be accomplished in a year.
-Agree to participate in media/social media for announcement and project completion.
-Organization can receive a grant as part of the normal spring/fall cycle in addition to this impact grant, but can’t fund the same thing.
-Organizations are not eligible for the Community Impact Grant two years in a row.
-Attendance at the information session is a plus.


Grant Request Forms (due January 4th) are also available by writing to Centerville-Washington Foundation, P.O. Box 41125, Centerville, OH 45441, or by calling 937-265-0110.

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